I don’t remember if I’ve explained what are no rice days. I cook the usual Chinese fare (3 dishes served with plain rice) every weekday lunch and dinner, except for dinners on Mondays and Thursdays. Those 2 days are no rice days! My kids requested for it because they get sick of eating rice day in day out.

Of course, I can cook rice on no rice days too but they have to be ‘special’, like fried rice, sushi etc. Or Gim Bap!


This was my first attempt. Supposed to make Tuna Gim Bap (recipe from Maangchi) but there wasn’t enough tuna, so wrapped the rest with pork floss. (Tuna at the bottom, pork floss on top)

They are honestly such a pain to make and finish so fast! Just like sushi. Don’t think I’ll make them often though the kids love them.

Also tried making Omurice for the first time. Recipe also from Maangchi! Haha. Yes, I love her.



I asked my kids what is the difference between Omurice and fried rice + omelette? Why do people go to so much trouble to especially fry a thin piece of egg just to wrap up the rice? The kids assured me that it makes A LOT of difference and I should cook Omurice more often. Hmmm.

Haha. Another rice dish on no rice day. No wonder my noodle-loving girl complained. Finally something not from Maangchi. This is my first time trying the Mui Fan recipe from Meatmen. Another very reliable cooking channel.  I’ve followed a few of their recipes and they all worked.


To be honest, I never liked Mui Fan. But this was quite delicious! Will make again.

So, my kids are quite spoilt when it comes to food. I constantly come up with new dishes and try to cater to the preferences of all family members, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Of course, nutrition is always on my mind.

So when we had day after day of bread and buns from confectionery shops (both I and my girl were sick and lots of breakfast options were out), my boy grumbled. He wanted to eat something else. I said there was nothing else I could buy and he quipped: “Make something!”. Sigh. He wanted stuff like crepes, pancakes, cakes etc.

Once I was better, I baked blueberry muffins.


This is a good recipe. The muffins turned out so flavorful I ate 5 out of the 13 I baked. Oops. That’s why I am hesitant to bake. Haha. My oven’s temperature seems to be on the high side though. I noticed my baked stuff always turned out over-baked. Must keep that in mind.