Korean stars are flocking to SG. I read that it’s because of tension between China and South Korea. Since they can’t go China, they have to go somewhere else right?  Before Lee Je Hoon, there was Lee Joon Gi and Kim Woo Bin etc, and Ko Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum of course, whom I blogged about. So Ji Sub just held his fanmeet here. Lee Dong Wook will be here soon. Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young are coming too. Oh, Kim Yoo Jung too. Gosh…

Out of all the above mentioned, I am only a fan of Park Bo Gum. I really like Ko Kyung Pyo too. To be honest, I love the Ssangmundong squad. If they come, I’ll try my best to go catch a glimpse of them. I think Hyung Sik and Bo Young are really cute too, even before Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. That said, I’m not a drama fan. The ones I really REALLY want here are TVXQ and Day6. Pleaseeeeeeeee make that happen!!!

Ok, Lee Je Hoon. I liked him in Signal. Event was near where I stay and I wanted to get away from the squabbling kids for a while. Plus, photography practice yo! For when Yunho, Changmin, Won Pil or Young K (or Bo Gum who hopefully won’t go through CIP again) comes to our sunny island again!


His stylist should be sacked! What kind of hairstyle is that? And ewww, that shirt and the oversized jacket made him look like an ahjussi. He is a really good looking YOUNG chap ok?



Anyway, I find indoor photography really difficult! Especially if you have to tiptoe and dodge the hundreds of fans and their phones in the air. Well, I tried my best. Think I improved a bit. Airport will be worse because our airport staff make the stars walk so DAMN FAST.

Sigh… what would I give to see TVXQ and Day6 at our airport. Jebal. TVXQ will be out from the army soon. Don’t go to China! Come here! Day6 has been here twice! And I missed them both times. *cries* I know, it’s my fault for sleeping on them for the past 2 years. I am hopeful they will come again. *prays hard*

I will end off with my favorite airport celeb picture that I took. And it’s of my UB – Shim Changmin. Not the sharpest but it’s so pretty!