Pictures of the Blue Tailed Bee-eater taken at Seletar Aerospace Park had been surfacing on my FB feed. Since it’s one of my and Mandy’s dream birds, I decided I needed to make a trip down to try my luck.

The trip was delayed three times due to other more important commitments. Just as I was disheartened about another rainy morning that thwarted my birding plan, the Bee-eater decided to visit me instead. Mandy spotted a pair of them flying around and perching on the trees just below our flat. They were far away but I managed a few pictures. You’ll see them later.

I still made my way down to the Aerospace Park the next day. To be honest, I was a bit nervous. The park was huge. After alighting the bus, I was totally lost. How do I find one bird in this big big place?  I walked along Seletar Aerospace Crescent where the Bee-eater was frequently spotted. Oh my gawd, the road was so long. And there weren’t any other birders there. Thankfully, it was cloudy and breezy. So I started to relax and enjoy the tranquility.

Met a small group of birders who gave me some pointers. Missed the Bee-eater but got the superstar of Seletar Aerospace Park – Grey Crowned Crane!


I think this (above) is one of my best birding picture yet. Just look at the details. The side profile is perfect and the bokeh is lovely. I am very pleased.




Small birds are much harder to photograph. This is Long Tailed Shrike.



These are the pictures of the Bee-eaters at my neighborhood the day before. They are not super clear due to the distance. But I’m happy enough with these.




One day, I might go back to the Aerospace Park to try my luck again.