March 2017

No rice days! (with lots of rice…)

I don’t remember if I’ve explained what are no rice days. I cook the usual Chinese fare (3 dishes served with plain rice) every weekday lunch and dinner, except for dinners on Mondays and Thursdays. Those 2 days are no rice days! My kids requested for it because they get sick of eating rice day in day out.

Of course, I can cook rice on no rice days too but they have to be ‘special’, like fried rice, sushi etc. Or Gim Bap!


This was my first attempt. Supposed to make Tuna Gim Bap (recipe from Maangchi) but there wasn’t enough tuna, so wrapped the rest with pork floss. (Tuna at the bottom, pork floss on top)

They are honestly such a pain to make and finish so fast! Just like sushi. Don’t think I’ll make them often though the kids love them.

Also tried making Omurice for the first time. Recipe also from Maangchi! Haha. Yes, I love her.



I asked my kids what is the difference between Omurice and fried rice + omelette? Why do people go to so much trouble to especially fry a thin piece of egg just to wrap up the rice? The kids assured me that it makes A LOT of difference and I should cook Omurice more often. Hmmm.

Haha. Another rice dish on no rice day. No wonder my noodle-loving girl complained. Finally something not from Maangchi. This is my first time trying the Mui Fan recipe from Meatmen. Another very reliable cooking channel.  I’ve followed a few of their recipes and they all worked.


To be honest, I never liked Mui Fan. But this was quite delicious! Will make again.

So, my kids are quite spoilt when it comes to food. I constantly come up with new dishes and try to cater to the preferences of all family members, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Of course, nutrition is always on my mind.

So when we had day after day of bread and buns from confectionery shops (both I and my girl were sick and lots of breakfast options were out), my boy grumbled. He wanted to eat something else. I said there was nothing else I could buy and he quipped: “Make something!”. Sigh. He wanted stuff like crepes, pancakes, cakes etc.

Once I was better, I baked blueberry muffins.


This is a good recipe. The muffins turned out so flavorful I ate 5 out of the 13 I baked. Oops. That’s why I am hesitant to bake. Haha. My oven’s temperature seems to be on the high side though. I noticed my baked stuff always turned out over-baked. Must keep that in mind.


Where are you, Bee-eater?

Pictures of the Blue Tailed Bee-eater taken at Seletar Aerospace Park had been surfacing on my FB feed. Since it’s one of my and Mandy’s dream birds, I decided I needed to make a trip down to try my luck.

The trip was delayed three times due to other more important commitments. Just as I was disheartened about another rainy morning that thwarted my birding plan, the Bee-eater decided to visit me instead. Mandy spotted a pair of them flying around and perching on the trees just below our flat. They were far away but I managed a few pictures. You’ll see them later.

I still made my way down to the Aerospace Park the next day. To be honest, I was a bit nervous. The park was huge. After alighting the bus, I was totally lost. How do I find one bird in this big big place?  I walked along Seletar Aerospace Crescent where the Bee-eater was frequently spotted. Oh my gawd, the road was so long. And there weren’t any other birders there. Thankfully, it was cloudy and breezy. So I started to relax and enjoy the tranquility.

Met a small group of birders who gave me some pointers. Missed the Bee-eater but got the superstar of Seletar Aerospace Park – Grey Crowned Crane!


I think this (above) is one of my best birding picture yet. Just look at the details. The side profile is perfect and the bokeh is lovely. I am very pleased.




Small birds are much harder to photograph. This is Long Tailed Shrike.



These are the pictures of the Bee-eaters at my neighborhood the day before. They are not super clear due to the distance. But I’m happy enough with these.




One day, I might go back to the Aerospace Park to try my luck again.

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Year of the Fire Rooster!

I know this is really late. Hehe.

We made it a point to walk down from my mum’s place to see the CNY display in the neighborhood. We saw the Christmas one too. It didn’t disappoint.

Snowman became 财神爷!:p




Uncle must have pretty deep pockets. He didn’t skimp on the decorations at all! I really appreciate what he’s doing. I believe it’d brought much joy to the residents in Marsiling, and no doubt, to himself too! Uncle, you rock!

Park Bogum’s Oh Happy Day fm in SG 2

I had noticed that Bogum was always dressed very casually for the 2nd part of his fanmeets. He’s usually in a sweater. There’s this thing about Koreans and sweaters? Aren’t they hot in it? But I must say I get a little envious. Sweaters are actually flattering on most body shapes (to me at least) but Singapore is way too hot.

Bogum did not come out in a sweater! Wow. He was decked in his favorite stripes. Bogum-ah! I also love stripes, particularly blue and white ones. *hi-5s*


We already knew he would be coming out from the back, down the aisle. What surprised me was his song choice. I gasped when I heard the intro. Before the fanmeet, I told Serene he could sing anything, just no NDP songs please. And there he was, singing Singapura, Sunny Island. LOL. Ok lah. Can lah. Especially since he and Joongki would keep singing the chorus throughout the games session. And Bogum’s ‘pretty flowers’ gesture was too cute!

The crowd went absolutely crazy as Bogum walked amongst them. He was unharmed don’t worry. His guards could probably sue for sexual harrassment though. Haha. Bogum had wanted to gift a fan the flower garland but couldn’t because the fans were too passionate. He playfully blamed us, saying it’s our fault. Haha.

Though the song was fun, I wished he had played the piano and sung a longer local song instead. He was only on the piano for 2 short songs that night. To be honest, I’m inspired by his piano playing. You may think I exaggerate because I am a pianist myself and he’s just an actor. He’s a really good pianist though. I want to learn his slightly jazzy chord progressions, his sensitivity to dynamics and how he can play in any key with ease. I’m so lacking oh my god.

Happy Dinner chapter was hilarious. It started with him trying out local foods -Roti Prata and Carrot Cake. I love how he loves his food. All kinds of food. Then, he prepared Yubu Chobap (Korean version of Inari Sushi) for a lucky fan.


The specially made Singapore Apron with a coconut tree that Bogum insisted he saw here, and a not-mini-merlion-just-lion. 😀



After the fan entered the stage, the whole thing turned into a gag show. Seriously, I was laughing so darn hard throughout the segment. The fan was stiff, deadpan, unapologetically honest and downright comedic. Bogum played along sooooo well. The reason why I became his fan was because his acting excites me (plus, he is such an exemplary human being). Besides Tony Leung Chiu Wai, he is the only one with such rich and captivating facial expressions. And he showcased his excellent acting during this segment. How he coyly nudged the fan’s shoulder when she answered ‘You’ when asked what drinks she wanted; how he gently pushed away her hand and insisted he fed her the water; how he tantalised her by doing a strawberry-chopstick dance…OH MY GAWD.

From this fanmeet, I also discovered how humorous and playful Bogum is. He asked the fan (name is Priscilla) if she cooks since he was gifting her the apron. She said no, and that she would give the apron to his father. He said he should write “To Priscilla’s father” on the apron then. LOL. Please watch the fancams.

Now… for the special guest… Everybody…. It’s SONG JOONG KI IN DA HOUSE, YO! *screamssssss*


Actually, I’m not a Joongki fan. Haha. But I cheered my lungs out for him too ok? I mean, I don’t get why some fans complained about him taking up too much time during Bogum’s fanmeet. Bogum is always happy to have him, they got to showcase their lovely bromance and games are doubly fun with Joongki around. I would be perfectly happy with just Bogum of course, but Joongki was a bonus.

There were people there who were only there for Joongki, who cheered much more for Joongki. That upset me a little. But Bogum received a lot a lot of love that night and you could see how happy he was that we love his brother too. In fact, the sweet boy immediately backed out of the limelight once Joongki took the stage. He is really a very very kind and humble person.




Together, they played 4 games: Telepathy game, Shooting game, Making clay Chicken figurines and Throwing ball game.



Joongki is a crowd pleaser. He knew how to hype up the crowd. so… handsome. I was so glad he was facing us. Haha.



Why did they both pick ‘flower’ for the last question? “Because… we are Blossom Brothers.” Awwwwww Bogum. That was so sweet.

You know, it’s very rare to see such good chemistry between the guests and host. I got a strong feeling that Bogum, Joongki, Danny and the translator were all working closely together to present a great show. They reminded one another, cued one another and took care of one another on stage. Their banter was amazing and comfortable. I think it shows what sincere and kind people they all are. I love the part when Bogum and Joongki hi-fived Danny for calling them the Sun and Moon. Bogum went on to say Danny was the Star. Urgh, real life bromance happening before my eyes. Better than watching drama.



Hi-5s, fist bumps, hugs…Love them.



Bogum, where are touching Joongki? Lol. Oh Bogum totally cheated in the end. Lol.


Like me, Bogum was born in the year of the Rooster. It’s OUR year baby! And so, they had to make clay chicken figurines. The Ghost scene in the this segment was hilarious!


Bogum’s chickens


Joongki’s….. supposed to be chicken…


Last game. See the Bingo board at the back? They were supposed to pick games to play. I highly suspect they already planned which numbers to pick. I mean, I don’t see any other games props on the stage except for the ones they picked.

Joongki said it was difficult to do this ball game with Kwangsoo because he’s so tall. Hehe.



Scissors-paper-stone to decide final winner. This time, Joongki cheated!


Before Joongki left the stage, he said some heartwarming words about Bogum. He made an appeal to all of us to keep showering Bogum with love and support so that he can grow as an actor and a person. It’s the way he said it, with so much tenderness. Then, Bogum just had to turn to him and say “I love you”. *melts*

Oh, and he said he was going to eat chill crab while waiting for Bogum. Haha.

Photo-taking time. Bogum was going to take a selfie on stage that included the audience, when the lights went off. There was a surprise fanmade video for him. Unfortunately, because of Unusual Entertainment’s anal-ness (lots of restrictions!), the video could not include a lot of things. It was a simple video but I’m glad we had it. Bogum didn’t cry, but looked visibly touched. A professional photographer then took a picture. Sadly, we were too far at the side to be in it.

For every fanmeet, Bogum would handwrite a letter for the fans and read it out at the end. As Singapore was the last stop in his tour before going back to Seoul, his letter was something like a wrap-up for the tour. I copied down what the translator said:

Hello, this is Park Bo Gum. As I look up to Singapore’s clear skies and clean streets, it feels like this journey, both long and short, is now close to coming to an end. It’s been an incredible journey, filled with happiness and gratitude, as it gave me an opportunity to meet many supportive fans from afar who told me they find strength to live their day to day life, through their words. As I began pursuing a career I so love, and met many people from different walks of life, …(couldn’t catch) share diverse words and opinions, which sometimes would confuse me. Nonetheless, whenever the emptiness hits me and it feels like nobody understands my efforts and feelings… Every time that happens, I tell my myself my life is what I make it and I am wholly responsible for all decisions I make, and consequences that follow. It’s such thoughts that gave me a clarity of mind. You only live once. I hope both you and I continue to keep in mind that every choice we make defines our lives and make every day a happy day. Thank you so much again for being part of this wonderful experience. I wish your everyday is filled with gratitude and happiness. God bless you all.

He wanted to present the handwritten letter as a gift to an elderly fan who was looking at him tenderly when he was walking down the aisles. I was really touched when I saw him bent over and trying very hard to find her. He stood like that for a long time in silence, and still couldn’t be sure which lady it was. Sooooooo charming.



Finally, he said he still remembered how she looked like and he would be sure to pass the letter to her. Awwww. Then, he sang his last song (if you don’t count encore),  A Little Girl and choked up. His voice was already unstable mid-song. I found myself saying “Don’t cry….” 😥

He sang ‘My Person’ for encore and aced it ok. No, he didn’t try ad libs like in Bangkok (whew…. :P) but he managed to hit all the notes.  He could hardly sing the whole song at his first stop, KL. His singing has indeed come a long way. With proper training, he definitely can be a singer.

The photo that cut our row off. 😦


Look at the amount of confetti that rained on us. Hmmm. It was more like a storm. The machine went off halfway through ‘My Person’, right in front of me. I was happily singing along (yesh! I knew the lyrics!) when the machine BOOM-ed! I couldn’t see Bogum or hear anything thereafter. Hahaha. Watch the fancam and you’ll understand why.


These were taken when we were waiting for the hi-touch session, which is basically hi-5. But I guess hi-t0uch sounds more appealing to fans? Haha. Anyway, it’s true that the ‘touch’ wasn’t restricted to a hi-5. Bogum was extremely accommodating. He reciprocated every action from the fans. If they made a heart, he returned one. If they held out a handshake, he shook their hands. If they spoke to him, he replied, and more. Look, he had about 3500 hands to touch. And he was always smiling, always sweet and always looked sincere. Those eyes… Indeed, black holes they are.

In the first place, he didn’t have to do that at every venue. He’s already a top star. His fanmeet already lasted longer than most others (it was more than 3 hours!) and he had honestly given more than enough fanservice throughout the event. I have heard of hi-touch sessions, but for a few hundred fans at the most. The fact that he wanted to do this shows a lot about his genuine desire to get closer to the fans and how humble he is. The hi-touch session lasted for about 2 hours!

We were the VERY LAST row for the hi-touch, which happened on stage. So we got an extra 2 hours of ogling. We spent that time laughing at the fans reactions and cussing at the ones who slapped or grabbed Bogum’s hand too hard! Hey! Precious piano-playing hands those are! And he still had 3000 more to go!

I can vouch that Bogum is indeed an angel without wings. For the 2 hours, he stood, most of the time with his back arched so he could make better eye contact with his shorter fans. There was a lady who was hobbling up the steps with a walking stick. He saw that and darted out from behind the table to her. SO. SWEET. Everytime he saw a bandage on a fan… that look of concern on his face made me melt. Even to the (annoying) fans who lingered too long, he tried to smile and wave goodbye, never once showing any irritation or exhaustion. Though it’s very clear he was dead beat.

Although starving, we were at least sitting comfortably while waiting our turn. Even then, after the back-breaking 2 hours on stage, the first thing Bogum said to me when it was my turn was:”Thank you for waiting so long.” Bogum-ah… I hi-fived him with both hands, looked into his eyes, fascinated by how tiny his face was, and said: “Stay healthy.” Honestly, he looked like he could faint anytime. Poor thing. But he managed a weak smile and replied: “Thank you. Always, take care.” We had a handshake.  I walked away still feeling the sensation of his soft and smooth hands on mine.

Honestly, it wasn’t a magical moment for me or anything like that. Till now, it still felt unreal. But precious, yes. I am glad I have this paper plane to prove that everything was real. Haha.


To be honest, this is the first time I am so taken by an actor. I usually follow singers. Park Bogum’s talent and wholesome image really appealed to me. And yet, I keep discovering that he is so much more. Plus, he is just so darn gorgeous. I told Serene I think I love him already. Haha. I was a fan before the fanmeet, but he has now risen to the very-rare-few-artistes-always-in-my-heart status. The only other 2 are Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ.

Freebies given to all ticket holders.





Talking about ticket holders. The ushers at the event were very sad they could not hi-touch Bogum because they were not ticket holders. Awwww. So near yet so far away…

Freebies from fan clubs. Photocard and chocolate from Bogum Airline. (He looks so cute here!)


Bogummy_sg prepared fanevents – fingerlight and banner. Thanks to them, we sg fans weren’t too ‘sia suay’. Haha.


Freebie from StarHub.


And of course, a present from the man himself. Only 5 in the whole world ok!


Awwww those 3 days I spent fangirling was so much fun! I really miss that. I have yet to blog about airport and photo-op day. I will, in time. Meanwhile, enjoy the fancams that I will be posting up. Hopefully soon. 🙂

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