Oh my god. How am I going to do this? Alright alright. Got to start somewhere right?

The prep: I joined the PBG SG fanclub FB group and set up a twitter account JUST for this fanmeet. I had to be in the loop with regards to fan events and Bogum’s schedule etc. Sigh. Twitter is soooo distracting, especially since Bogum himself it there. Arghhhh.

There was a postcard fan event which I participated in. I wanted to let Bogum know what is really memorable to me, what really inspired me. That is Youth Over Flowers, Africa. It is only a small exaggeration to say that that programme (and the drama Reply 1988) changed my outlook on life. So…I printed out 10 postcards and used the YOF desert one for the fan event.

I hope he reads it. I not only love Bogum, I love Kyungpyo, Jaehong and Junyeol too. Slightly less though, I must admit. They are all such good people.

Day o: I arrived at Star Vista VERY early to hand my postcard to the good people at Bogummy_sg.  There was already a crowd outside the theatre. Bogum’s manger Kwangjoon and bodyguard walked past me. Some girls let out a squeal and started following them around. Erm, what for? Met up with Serene at 4+. We were grumbling that there were no standees or posters or anything for us to take pictures with! Too early for dinner so we stuffed our tummies with mini buns.

Stef arrived and we went downstairs to take picture of this:


Pathetic right? That’s the only thing we could find to take a picture of.

Dropped my ticket stub into the box and hoped for the best. *sings ‘pick me pick me pick me up!’*


Once I entered the Star Theatre, I loved it. It was so nicely done up and look at that stage! My heart did a little squeal when I saw Bogummy’s picture on the big screen! And yes! The colour theme is BLUE!


The usher led us to our seat. Row CD. I had never walked so much to the front of a theatre before. To our surprise, we were seated in the FIRST row! OH MY GAWD! FIRST! I jumped around, unable to contain my excitement. Ok, we just had to take pictures!



10 minutes to 6pm. We were shown videos of his gorgeous gorgeous Elle photoshoot and clips from Reply 1988 and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. The Elle photoshoot is one of my favorite. I thought the no photography rule would be strictly enforced later on, so I just snapped a few pictures for keepsake. :p




Turned out we could take pictures! YAY! There were security walking around but they didn’t stop us from snapping pictures with our phones. They were pretty strict with cameras and videos I think.

Usually, I will sigh and dismay at the poor quality of a phone camera but hey, we’re at the first row baby! So, although resolution was poor but the pictures all turned out ok!

I’m not going to write a long-ass fan-account because I’m going to post all the fancams later on. So, here are some pictures of the man himself singing his first song of the night – Swallowing My Heart (Moonlight OST). He did exceptionally well! I think his singing form peaked in Singapore. YESH!




Yes, he was waving at me! But of course my eyes were on the phone at that moment, instead of locked with his. Well, you can’t have the best of both worlds!



He came by our side very often. From my memory and the fancams, I am quite sure he favored our side more. Now that I think about it, he was so frequently just about 2 metres away from me! Omo omo. When will I get a chance like that again. When???? *cries*

Bogum left the stage to change. Cue congratulary video from his friends. Usually, these videos are fillers and I tend to get bored watching them. But this one was so full of big shots! There were Kwangsoo (Aha! The guy Joongki chose over poor Bogummy! Haha), BTS, Jongkook (SPARTAAA), Jinyoung (LOVE HIM!), Cha Taehyun (fan since My Sassy Girl) and of course, Song Joongki!


They all praised Bogum to the sky. Walking angel, pillar of the company etc…I’m glad he has so many good friends in the industry. I will post a fancam of this congratulatory video too.

-end of part 1-