I am still getting over the high that is Park Bogum’s fanmeet a week ago. There’s too much to write and document. I will slowly get to that. But first, let me tell you the story of a plane that malfunctioned and crash landed.

Long story short. At one of the fans’ request ie the girl sitting beside me, bless her for such a refreshing request), Bogum flew 5 paper planes into the audience. The first was dedicated to the said fan, let’s call her T. Because of T, Bogum looked our way a lot during that segment.

He prepared 4 more of such handsigned planes, albeit with no personal messages, to give out to fans. For the first one, he came to our section again. He said he wished the plane would reach the 2nd level. We were at the first row by the way, so I thought I’d never get it. Anyway, I already got the photo-op. I was sure I had maxed out my luck with Bogum.

He flew the plane right in front of me. I turned, trying to find which lucky girl got it. Then, I felt a thud on my forehead. What? Can this be..? No way… I looked down in front of me and there was the plane, resting by my foot, between me and T. NO.FREAKING.WAY.

I picked it up and there Bogum was, smiling apologetically at me. I heard him say sorry to me. I turned to Serene and Stef and they looked at me in disbelief, both saying how lucky I was. I know right. What are the odds? And to have Bogum making that eye-contact and speaking to me?? Priceless.

It all happened in a matter of seconds. Some parts of it are still vividly etched in my mind, but the others are a blur. I’m very happy to find fancams of the moment.


You can imagine how high I was that night. I really really did not expect this. Not in my life. Oh my gawd, my precious paper plane.


My kids pointed out how very lucky I was since T already had a plane herself and she wouldn’t need to fight me for this blue one. Serene pointed out how this one dove down straight to me. For the others, fans had to kind of grapple for it. I picked mine up without competition. *gasp*

I have always had bad luck when it comes to lucky draws and such. Seems like this Rooster year is a good one for me? Or maybe, it’s just….my destiny….?