Yes I am attending the fanmeet. Those who know me will know I’m a huge TVXQ fangirl and I don’t follow just any artiste. I mean, so far…. it’s only Yunho and Changmin. And recently, Park Bo Gum!

I am drawn to his spectacular acting skill, his talent in music and emceeing and his very endearing and angelic personality. I mean, have you watched him on Youth Over Flowers, Africa and 2 Days & 1 Night? How charming is he!

And have you watched him act in Reply 88, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and I Remember You? Totally different roles and he nailed every one. Such a talent. I mean, seriously, he’s the only  actor I look forward to watching, just solely for his acting, after Tony Leung Chiu Wai. And what about his conducting scene in Cantabile Tomorow? He totally aced it!



(credit to owner)

To top that off, he is musically inclined. And I will say his piano skill is pretty good. For sure, he plays by ear, has good tone and dynamics and his arrangements usually have a slight jazzy feel. Ya, he plays a lot. He’s been playing and singing at all his fanmeets, at award shows, in commercials etc. He’s good. And guys who sing and play a musical instrument always make me swoon. I mean, he even played the cello himself in Cantabile Tomorrow. Kill me right now. Oh, I love My Person too. Granted, he is not an ace singer yet, but his voice is soothing and sincere. I like it.

His singing has been steadily improving, thanks to all the practice he gets from the fanmeets. I am in love with his rendition of Rainy Blue the Tokyo fanmeet.

He speaks adorable english, is extremely sweet and humble, down to earth, hardworking… Plus, he is quite an amazing emcee. Watch him at Music Bank and the many many year end award shows. Hiyoh, how to not love him?

I know a lot of ladies who change ‘Korean hubbies’ (their term, not mine! I don’t call them hubbies. I don’t even call them oppas. Haha) every drama. I never do that. Like I said, so far, it’s just Changmin, Bogum and Yunho. Ok, right now, that order is right. Haha.

So, the fanmeet is this Saturday, 18th Feb, which is also Changmin’s birthday! But the action starts tonight. AIRPORT TIME! Of course I have to attempt some pictures of Bogum, though it’s going to be tough. I am expecting a big crowd. Oh gawd, please let me succeed…

Then tomorrow… tomorrow is exciting. Because….. PHOTO-OP time! Lucky me won the photo-op lucky draw so I get to take a group picture with Bogummy tomorrow! *gasp*

You don’t know how many times I refreshed Unusual’s FB page the day results of the lucky draw was to be released. I thought that I would not win it. I have never won any lucky draws. When TVXQ came for the Shilla Fanmeet, Audrey, Serene and Ruth ALL won tickets. Only I didn’t. Luckily I still got to go.

So, imagine my surprise when I clicked on the results and saw my ticket number there. MY TICKET NUMBER! Oh. My. Gawd. I had to screencap the result and send to my friend to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

I am writing so much because I know I will be a goner after the photoshoot and fanmeet. So I should at least write down how I feel now, when I’m still sane… Look out for my fanaccount!