Our friend, Bernard, who is also our Rubberband bandmate, set up an art studio a while ago. I know, how talented is he right? He is an awesome singer, and an equally talented artist.

Last Christmas, he invited the whole band (plus our 2 little ones, of course) to his studio for an art jam session. I was prepared to paint for 3 hours but it dragged to 5! Haha.


This is his very cozy art studio, Arterspace Art Studio, at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. He’s moving soon though. Like his FB page for updates.

Under his guidance, the kids successful did their first acrylic painting. It’s the super cute Nyanko Sensei from Natsume’s Book of Friends!



I did a landscape scene from one the Ghibli animation films. I don’t know which one.


To be honest, I have some art skills but prior to this, I had never done blending with paints and landscape pictures. I mostly do art pieces like this. That is why I deliberately chose this beautiful painting of light shining down through the canopy. I wanted to learn how to paint stuff like that. Bernard and Herman taught me well and I think I’ve gotten a little hang of it. Now, I am a little braver to experiment with different techniques. Oh, full disclosure, Bernard did the light rays for me. Hehe.

I guess the kids couldn’t get enough of doing art and we had another art session at home before school started. Barry opted to design his machines and weaponry with pen. His drawings are always very freestyle. Haha.

Mandy painted a yokai, also from Natsume’s Book of Friends. If you haven’t watched the animation series yet, go watch. It’s a a wonderful cartoon that even I enjoyed immensely.


Isn’t this pretty? She didn’t do blending and there wasn’t any refined techniques involved but it turned out perfect. I helped her with the background and gave her pointers along the way. We were both pleased with the outcome.

At the same time, I also worked on a Porco Rosso piece, another Ghibli animation. Previously, I would avoid such works because of the sky. My style is clear defined lines with outlines. Haha. But I tried and it turned out ok! Whew. It’s also one of the few times I drew something freehand.

DSC02224Both paintings were done in poster paint, which presented a lot of problems as compared to acrylic. I shan’t bother with the details though. Haha.

Thank you Bernard and Herman for the enlightenment and inspiration!