I know it’s already January…

Went to soak up the Christmas mood at Orchard Road last december. Very happy Trixie’s family joined us. I wanted the kids to see the decoration at Centrepoint. So, after a movie at Lido Orchard (very boring Rogue One. I dozed off twice), we had dinner and slowly walked to Centrepoint while admiring the sights and enjoying some of the activities on the way.



Finally at Centrepoint! It deserved to win the Best Dressed Mall award (voter’s choice). Ion won the judge’s choice. Erm, well, it was quite pretty but didn’t wow me.




Centrepoint’s theme was some kind of Christmas Kitchen with LOADS of gorgeous fake pastries, confectionery, sweets, drinks etc. I couldn’t help but squeal at the intricate creations.

Talking about festive decorations. Recently, an article came out on the papers. It was about this uncle, a resident of Marsiling, who decorates a part of the common area every festival, to bring in festive cheer to the neighborhood. Since my mum stays in the area, we went to take a look during our visit.





Wow. I was impressed. Every evening, he would even set up a bubble machine for the kids. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the light-up at night. This Chinese New Year, I will be sure to visit the area again. Looking forward to his CNY decorations!