November 2016

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Welcome home, Elmo

One weekday morning, 8am. Kids were in school, I was halfway through vacuuming/mopping (using our roombas and scoobas) when I heard a loud shrill cry. At first, I thought it was a cat. But no, cats aren’t that loud. The cries got more intense and my curiosity was piqued. I looked out of my wonder and got a huge surprise!

There was a macaw perching on the tree right in front of my block. What’s it doing there? I knew for sure this was a lost bird. And I knew this bird was BLARDY expensive. The owner must be panicking big time.

I debated if I should start shooting with the DSLR before it flew away. BUT, I didn’t. What was more pressing was that the owner and the bird reunite. So I hastily took a picture of the macaw with my handphone and posted the picture on the Singapore Birder FB group and my personal FB page, hoping to find the owner. Then, I took some nicer shots of the bird.



I was due for an errand then but oh my gawd, how could I leave? I was pacing about in my flat. At one point, the macaw’s calls got so desperate I burst into tears and started begging for it to be just a little more patient while we wait for news. Honestly, its call was one of the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever heard.

I felt I couldn’t just wait around any longer. Left the house, took off on my bike and started asking people in the neighborhood, even got so far as to knock on 2 possible birdowners’ doors. No luck.

Just then, someone on the SG Birder group said he found the owner and asked me if the bird was still around. I couldn’t answer him then. Rushed back to my block and saw a group of guys with various other expensive-looking birds, trying to coax the macaw down from the tree.

They succeeded. And these 2 lovey-dovey friends had a warm reunion.



I spoke to the owner briefly but he had no idea I was the one who helped in finding his bird. It’s ok. I was just so so happy for them.

Soon, birder guy who found the owner sent me screencaps of relieved members of the macaw owner family thanking me and him for the teamwork. Awwww. I felt like I did something wonderful. Nicest feeling in the world!

It didn’t end there. The next day, I got a FB message from one of the members of the parrot owner community here in SG. He said the community was very grateful to me. Apparently, they’re a close knitted group and meet up every week for their birds to free-fly. He invited me to one of their sessions, as a way to thank me. Awwwww.

We did go. I and the kids. We cycled all the way from Sembawang to Woodlands to meet the birds, I mean, the owners. It was the best weather to cycle in. Kids had such a blast! The venue is so pretty and serene too! Love it!


Guy who invited me, and his 2 hyacinth macaws. Magnificient!


The PCN that linked the 2 towns. Quiet mornings are the best!


Halfway through the session, the birdowners had to change venue, because.. traffic police… oops. This^ is us cycling all the way to the next venue to join them. Well, good thing second venue is near our place. 🙂

More birdies joined the gang in Sembawang. This is a super adorable little lovebird on my hand!


Doing their thing.




I only brought along the small camera because I wasn’t sure the owners would be comfortable with me taking pictures of their birds. Turned out they WANTED me to take nice pictures of their precious pets. Haha. I told them next time! 😛

The morning was really really fun and well-spent. It was such an eye-opener! I talked to a couple of the guys and learned quite a bit about parrots too. I also found out the circumstances in which Elmo (oh ya, that’s the name of the bird that was lost) got separated from the flock. Must have been super traumatising for both Elmo and its owner.

Elmo wasn’t there that day. Maybe I’ll get to see it next time. Meanwhile, we picked up this beautiful feather that one of the hyacinth macaws dropped. Our souvenir! 🙂


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