I wasn’t as hyped up for the September break this year because it was a very busy marking period for hubby. Still, we managed to squeeze some fun into the one week.

First off, a staycation at Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa. Such a pretty pretty hotel!


After checking in and wow-ing at the room, we went off for a few hours of intense shooting at the 4D Adventureland. Good choice we made, as it was scorching hot that day.

After dinner, we had some fun at the luge before going back to the hotel.



Good morning!


Love the breakfast.




Girl had to go for a school event so I took the Science-crazy boy out for a Science date.

Tinkerfest at the Science Centre. Making a marble run.


He tried other activities too but liked the marble run challenge the most. We managed to make one that worked! 🙂

Then, we traveled all the way to the other end of Singapore for a Science-themed hi-tea at Fresh Fruits Lab. He loved it! And I am so glad I got to spend that one-to-one time with him. We really bonded over hi-tea. (It’s a quite a weird thing to say considering he’s an 8yo boy, haha)


Once back home, he immediately sat down to read the brand new set of Young Scientists magazines his dad just bought for him. What a happy boy he was.

On the second last day of the school holidays, we went to Lazarus island with Trixie’s family. Although the beach and water were not as clean and pristine as before, it’s still more beautiful than the other beaches in Singapore. And the peace and serenity of the place is unrivaled, even though there were quite a lot of people there that day.

Unfortunately. I cannot post prettier pictures of the place since they have my kids’ faces in them.


It was cloudy for the most part of the day. That was good. I also caught 5 fish! Yes, there were schools swimming around us. Tiny ones though.


We swam, played frisbee and ball at the water, and basically just chilled in the sea for hours. Such is life.

Looking forward to the next term break!