Mid-Autumn is coming. As usual, I will be looking out for lantern crafts to do around this time. Came across these pretty fairy lanterns and just had to give it a try!

As you can see, I didn’t stick to just fairies! Actually, it’s because I couldn’t find any fairy cutouts, so I had to cut my own. I did that by googling for ‘fairy silhouettes’, printing them out, sticking them on a cardboard, and finally making the cutouts with scissors and penknife. Yes, it’s a quite a bit of work. But since I succeeded in cutting out the fairy, I thought ‘why stop there?’ and did cutouts of Kiki and Jiji on a broomstick and a unicorn too!



My cutting skill is quite awesome right? :p

Except for the cutouts, I bought everything else from Daiso. Mason jars, colored Led lights (orange, white and blue), and the decorations. Fairy jar was done entirely by me. Well, so were the other 2 but the kids designed them. Mandy did the unicorn jar, and Barry the Kiki jar. They wanted to add so much stuff to their jars omg. I had a hard time twisting and securing everything onto the jars. Haha. So fun though!


I came up with the idea to put 3 different colored lights in one jar. Gosh, so gorgeous!




So you can see the decor better…


The twines, leaves and berries look much better when the jars are not lit. They actually make very nice decorative jars just like that but I’m too lazy to take a picture. Ha.


Like this fairy lantern project? Why not try it. The hardest part will be making the cutouts if you cannot get ready made ones. And sticking on the tissue paper. Mine tore like crazy. Oh, I used scotch tape to stick the cutouts. Glue didn’t work for me. And I didn’t put glitter.

The kids love them. They wanted to hang them on a stick and go for a walk in the park. Hmmm. Not sure I can make them happen. Haha. Have fun!