In a bid to reduce the household’s carbon footprint (I’m serious), and on a mission to eat more healthily, I sought out this neighborhood farm, Oh Chin Huat Hydroponics farm. Check out how beautiful these vegetables are! And this was taken 2 days after they were bought from the farm.


We’ve been eating organic vegetables for many years now. Been through 2 organic vegetables delivery services but they were less than satisfactory. The organic selection at the supermarkets is also not great.

The vegetables from this farm are not certified organic because well, I think there is only certification for soil-grown produce. I talked to the owners and toured the farm a bit and was more or less satisfied that their produce are at least not harmful. What’s more, they are super fresh and mostly cheaper than in the marts.

Not everything there are grown in their farm. They get supplies from elsewhere too. Some greens that are grown there are the butterhead lettuce (pictured below), basil and mint (pictured above), round spinach, chye sim, and if I’m not wrong, kang kong. If in doubt, just ask the lovely aunties there. They are very happy to advise and recommend!


I love love love their basil. You just cannot find such plump and fresh (and cheap ones) from the marts. That week, we had so many basil dishes. The Thai-style basil minced meat has to be our favorite though. It’s absolutely delicious!


I also cooked basil fried rice, with grilled portobello.


I must mention that I will never buy portobello from anywhere else again.

Since the farm is not far from our place, we bought the kids there one Saturday morning. After putting on our thick jackets, we had a great time shopping at the walk-in fridge. There are 2 there. If you cannot find what you want, ask the ladies.

The kids enjoyed it so much they want to go every week. Haha. Next time we’re there, I’ll ask for a short farm tour. :p