After reading an article called ‘The poor man’s guide to bird photography’, I got inspired. Do you know the thrill of staking out for a particular bird, and then finally seeing it and getting a decent picture of it? Do you know our small island is teeming with colorful, gorgeous birds? They are such beauties.

Occasionally, I take pictures of other stuff besides birds. Like these amazingly vibrant flowers. So beautiful.

But I love challenges and birds are extremely challenging to photograph. I am, in all sense, an amateur. I don’t even know how to set the camera properly. Haha. Ok ok, I’m slowly learning. Nevertheless, there were some OK shots I took at a birdwatching outing with my girl. She is the BEST birdwatching companion I tell you. She adores birds, relishes being outdoors, and memorises the whole Birds of SG book so she can identify almost every bird we saw.

Anyway, pictures taken at Springleaf Nature Park.

Pacific Swallow


Long-Tailed Parakeet


White Collared Kingfisher



Pied Triller


Asian Koel (male)


We were there for more than 3+ hours. Saw more birds than I could photograph. Then we had a absolutely chill and delightful lunch the park cafe, while admiring the beauty of the nature before our eyes.



Next are pictures I took at Yishun Pond Park. I was there for only 1+hour, by myself.

Took some butterflies for practice.






Yay! Saw a bird on my wanted list!

White Throated Kingfisher


As you can see, I am not that interested in the Little Egret. Haha.

Had no idea I took this shot. Showed Mandy and she was certain it’s the Scaly Breasted Munia. I should trust her. 😛

Scaly Breasted Munia


And then, I stood there in the sun, with the heavy lens… and waited for the Mr Kingfisher to fly. Managed a few flying shots. Not superb but I’m happy enough for now.




Kingfisher and egret face off.


The kingfisher was very attentive. It looked here and there and was very aware of the birds around it. There was a bittern and a waterhen on the same patch.

A few flowerpeckers flew around, teasing me that morning. Sigh. It’s the first time seeg flowerpeckers for me. I LOVE their red. The male is very very red and the female has a dash of red on its tail. They were so fast though. This is the only decent picture I have of the flowerpecker.

Scarlet-Backed Flowerpecker (female)


Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the brilliant red on its tail. I’ll be back for them!