My birthday this year fell on a Tuesday. I decided to give myself a break from being a 煮饭婆 and take the morning off to do something I love.

Wanting to improve my bird photography skills, I was resolved to take at least a couple of good shots of whatever birds I could at Satay by the Bay. I was hoping to see the Common Kingfisher there, or other species of kingsfishers besides the White Collared which are really common. I walked up and down between the lakes but only saw a White Collared KF fly by me twice. 😦

It was really really fun though. Although the sun was blazing hot that morning, I was exhilarated to be outside, so close to nature. With a determination to be a better photographer, I took more time and effort on each bird. Even though I didn’t capture the rarer birds, it’s ok. Looking at my improved bird shots, I feel a great sense of achievement! These are some of my better shots that day.

Oriental Magpie Robin


Oriental White Eye



First time photographing the White Eyes. They are so difficult to shoot! Flitting here and there at great speed.

Grey Heron




The Grey Heron is a common bird and not difficult to photograph. I wanted to practise my skills and was trying to get some action shots. The first one showed the bird shielding its face from the sun. At least, that’s what it looked like. I wanted to tell the bird I could empathize! Haha. The third picture is my first decent flying shot. I’m quite pleased with it.

Recalling that wild otters were often spotted at the bay, I walked to the coast trying my luck. Sure enough, there was a family of 7 frolicking in the water. So adorable!



One caught a bright orange fish and was unwilling to share. Haha.





It’s a having a great time with its big catch.

Back in the gardens and the heron seemed to have gotten a bit angry at not having caught any fish. Look at its pose! Hah!


Meanwhile, the White Collared Kingfisher was still teasing me by passing my by and not allowing me to take its picture.

Having spent 2 hours in the scorching heat, I was spent. It’s almost time to leave. I had kids to fetch from school. But I had promised myself to at least have a nice piece of cake to celebrate my birthday. I haven’t had anybody buy cake for me on my birthday for many years. Every year, I wished for a nice piece of cake. This year, I will get it myself!

Pretty flowers before camera went into the bag.


Cakes at Bakerzin were late. Boohoo. I settled for the Brandy Apple Tart with hazelnut ice-cream and a peach tea. Good choice actually!

apple tart1

It was so delicious!

Such a wonderful birthday morning! I should spend more of them like this! 🙂