I just turned 35 years old a few days back! This year, I had a blast celebrating with my family and with, well, myself. Haha. First, the family edition.

Friends asked me which nice place I was going to eat at. I said instead of eating, I wanted the whole family to have fun out in the sun with me. Honestly, sitting down to eat a ‘nice meal’ for Mothers’ Days and birthdays is the most boring thing ever. Not like I don’t like eating good food, but just traveling to eat one meal and that’s it? And can’t we eat good food any other day?

So yeah, I didn’t ask for food but hubby was nice enough to suggesting lunching at Peach Garden. I chose the OCBC Centre branch because it has better reviews and it’s easier to get to where we were going from there.

The CBD was like a dead town on a Saturday and the restaurant wasn’t packed. Look at the great view from the 33rd storey!



The food did not disappoint. I had my best XO Carrot Cake and Ee Fu Noodles there. Delicious!


XO Carrot Cake


Big ass prawns on the Siew Mai, or is it Har Mai?


Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun (crispy)


Ee Fu Noodles

We also had Peking Duck which was yummy. And a couple other dishes. Oh, desserts were good too!

After a very satisfying lunch, we headed for Mt Faber by bus. We were going geocaching! YAY! Under the scorching hot sun… *deflates*

Why Mt Faber? Park and grab geocaches are nothing special and it’s easy to persuade the hubby to go on a weekend. I need something with a little more adventure. I also needed  caches big enough to hold trackables since I had 2 to drop off. There is a rather new cache in Singapore, called The Forgotten Reservoir. (Read about the reservoir here) Finding it entails you to hike and bash through the forest. It’s also a sizeable cache. What’s more, there are 3 more caches on the hill! Isn’t it perfect?

We followed the detailed directions given by the cache owner and found the reservoir easily. In less than 20 minutes.



This is really a very mild form of bashing.


Had to duck walk across a small stream.


And we’re here!



The first thing Mandy saw were the blue birds flitting around, playing with the water. Turned out they were the Blue-Tailed Bee Eaters! Our dream bird. A pity we only had a point and shoot camera and no binoculars. There were 4 of them. Just gorgeous!

Kids and I found the cache in a jiffy.


There were stairs that lead to nowhere, wires and pumps. Quite cool. I had to constantly nag at them not to go too near to the edge though. The water is dirty and stagnant and 2 metres deep! Surprisingly, we did not encounter any mosquitoes.

Kids reluctantly agreed to leave after we promised them we would be back again. Upon hearing that we had to continue the hike uphill to the main trail, they cheered! Immediately, they took on the persona of soldiers at war, being chased by the enemies. Coincidentally, 2 guys arrived at the reservoir just as we were leaving. They became our ‘enemies’. Haha.

Kids were shooting rifles, machine guns and setting off flares and grenades throughout the hike. They would suddenly turn around and aim and shoot, making all sorts of noises. Totally broke the peace of the forest. Haha.

Finally at the main trail. Staircases though… Woe be me. Hiking through the forest was way more fun.


Great view up there.


Took a long time but I found the second cache. It’s another big box so I dropped another trackable and took this new trackable plus a souvenir. Googled ‘Karamu High School’. It’s in New Zealand. I guess they’re both from the same geocacher.



While I searched, kids were going wild playing hide and seek and playing on the swing.

Desperately needing a cold drink, we walked towards the cable car station. Refuelled while enjoying the view.




There’s another cache here but we couldn’t find it. By then, I was exhausted and I know hubby was too. So we gave up on cache #4 and headed downhill for dinner at Vivocity. The kids were still in high spirits.

I looked at their jubilant faces and thought that they must really love the outdoors. They especially loved the little adventure in the forest and asked for more such hiking trips. Challenge accepted! I will look for more little adventures for us! 🙂

Had a fabulous time with the family! Best way to celebrate a birthday!