June 2016

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More Maangchi yumminess

Have you started watching Maangchi’s cooking videos yet? Addictive, aren’t they? They are not only an absolute joy to watch, they make you want to try out all the recipes too. So here are 2 more dishes I tried and they were fabulous!


Aka homestyle chicken noodle soup. Get the recipe here. I was so amazed you could make such flavorful stock with just chicken, garlic and onion, with minimal seasoning. And I love that the cooked garlic cloves are minced to flavour the chicken shreds. A very economical dish!

It’s the first time I’m making noodles. Got the kids to help with the cutting and separating because it was just too fun for them not to. Some of our noodles turned out really fat haha. But I loved them. Sooooo springy and tasty.



Note to self: cook the noodles separately in boiling water before adding them to the soup. That way, the soup will be less ‘floury’ and thick.

Jap Chae


Aka sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables. A very popular Korean dish. Get the recipe here.

This was absolutely DELICIOUS! And it’s not difficult to cook at all! The whole family loved it and wiped the plate clean quickly. So cooking this again!

So, what are you waiting for? Go cook some delicious food! (Or at least watch Maangchi cook some delicious food. Haha)

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