Every semester, we celebrate the last day of kids’ exams. I do that by cooking something special, and hopefully yummy. Ever since I discovered Maangchi’s cooking channel on Youtube, I’ve been addicted. You HAVE to go watch her cook! It’s so therapeutic and enjoyable.

I’ve never been a big fan of Korean food but because of Maangchi, I want to try so many Korean recipes! Back to last day of exams. Decided on a dish that I’m confident the whole family will like. Korean Fried Chicken!

It’s Maangchi’s Dakgangjeong aka Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken. I guess this is the soy garlic flavour if you want to put it in a more local context. Watch the video here, or get the full recipe here.

To make it a full meal, I also prepared mashed sweet potato with pear bits and raw lettuce.


Everybody loved the meal! And we wiped the plates clean very quickly.

It wasn’t difficult to cook the chicken but the deep-frying was pretty tedious since I had to double fry. Note to myself: Just fry for around 10mins the first time, and a couple more minutes the second time. My oil turned black by the 2nd round of frying and made the chicken very dark too. There were also black charred bits floating around. That’s why my chicken pieces were not very pretty and also charred food is really bad for you!

Anyway, I didn’t really need the chicken to be as hard as rocks, like Maangchi likes them. Haha. And also, decreasing the frying time should let the chicken retain more juiciness?

The sauce was excellent though! Slightly too sweet for me though all the rest think it’s perfect. I wonder if it’s because I used honey instead of rice syrup.

So yeah, it’s a great recipe and I will recommend you to try it!