Kids had been incredibly sweet and loving to me for the whole week before Mother’s Day. The boy especially, was out to steal my heart.

We were at Popular when I pointed to a Japanese recipe book and said the cakes featured were super cute. I walked away but Barry immediately ran to the book. He flipped through and then looked at the price tag. Later, he told me he would buy me a nice recipe book for Mother’s Day. Awww. I said he shouldn’t spend so much. The next day, he counted out his savings and told me he had enough. Even though I repeatedly told him he didn’t need to spend so much on a present for me, he didn’t just let it go. For days, he tried to convince me he could buy me a recipe book.

He also asked me what I would like to eat and that he would cook for me on Mother’s Day. To have someone paying attention to me and thinking of me is such a nice feeling. He’s such a sweetheart.

So even though it was a day for mums, I woke up early to make special pancakes for the family. It’s my first attempt at pancake drawing. Cute?
neko pancakes

After breakfast, the kids excitedly announced the start of the treasure hunt they planned for me. First, I had to find the maps. The kids acted like GPS and would beep louder and faster when I was near the hiding place. Quite fun actually.


The maps showed where their handmade cards were hidden. Barry made a ‘hairclip’ for me too. Although it was just a paper clip attached behind that cloth flower that he made at my mum’s place some time ago, and it couldn’t really stay on my hair, but it was still a very sweet gesture. 🙂



I had to hold back tears while reading his card. Awwww. Barry dear. I love you so so much and I know you do too. Let’s both not forget that ok?

Mandy’s. She’s less expressive and creative than her brother but she’s no less loving. I love the poem she wrote for me.



I especially like the word ‘growing’. Yes little girl, I’m growing with both of you. And I love it! Love you so so much too!

Truth be told, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries etc hold little meaning for me. When I’m in the mood though, I like to exercise my ‘right’ a little bit. I find that for my whole life, I’d been taken for granted by too many people, because I’m too chin chye.  I want to remind them that I worked hard for them and I matter too. So yeah, now I am more vocal about what I want. But I never ask for anything extravagant.

It’s exam period so the morning was reserved for mugging. In the evening, we went geocaching on our bicycles. That was the request. Really, that was it!


This was I and my kids’ 2nd geocaching trip, hubby’s first. Altogether, we’ve found 3 caches so far (note the smiley faces in the picture).

We were SO LUCKY! Our first geocache of the evening had a trackable! Dottie the Gingerbread Man!



I tracked Dottie on the geocache app. Wow! It’s gone to places. It came from UK. It traveled all over UK, then went to Switzerland, America and Cambodia before some geocacher dropped it on our sunny island! Now it’s with ME! Amazing isn’t it? I will have to find another big-enough cache to move it along soon.



On the way out of the first destination, I and Mandy stopped to admire a White Throated Kingfisher perched on a branch. Just ahead of us, hubby and Barry had stopped too. They were observing this nest.


A male Olive Backed Sunbird was skipping around anxiously nearby, with something like a leaf in its beak. Once we moved away, it went in the nest and out again.

We failed at locating the 2nd geocache of the day. Too bad. But no biggie. All of us had fun. Exploring on our bicycles is always enjoyable. Mandy said she loves adventures like that. 🙂

Ended the day with a simple zi char dinner at a very crowded coffeeshop. Argh. We should remember to tabao on Mother’s Day next time. Haha.