My good friends were very stressed with work the first few months of this year. Being an empath (only found out about this term recently. It means people who can feel strongly how others feel, and get affected by it), I got very stressed together with them. And I kept wishing things would be better for them.

I didn’t know how to make them feel better. So I sat down and decided to make something cheery for them. Can’t say I am not proud of myself for completing the frames. I hadn’t painted anything so small and detailed before and wasn’t sure I would succeed. But they turned out quite pretty, didn’t they?


I love Guy Furry (the chef) and Spud here. Peaches and Joe Dimweogio are nice too.And the backside of Pumpkin too. 😛


Over here, I like Mr Meowgi, Spud and Sunny.. Oh and Pepper.


I didn’t realise the picture was blur. Too lazy to retake afterwards. I like Conductor Whiskers, Ginger and Lady Meow Meow here.

I’m going to print out pictures of the 4 of us to put in the frames. Then, I’ll give the ladies as gifts. I should probably paint a frame for myself but I am so lazy. Haha. If I do, I’ll post it here!