Well, it’s an odd place for sure. But unlike a lot of other adults, I had fond memories of Haw Par Villa. My parents used to bring the family there frequently, ever since I was a baby. They would sit me beside various statues for picture-taking.

When I was in primary school, a flume ride was built in the park. Entry was through an awe-inspiring (to a primary school kid at least) dragon mouth. Then, the ride would go through the 10 gates of hell which honestly did not spook me one bit. I don’t know why my school would bring us kids there for an excursion and let us run wild. But I remember I had so much fun with the flume ride that I went on it 7 times.

Now, there is no more flume ride and hardly any evidence of that ever being built. Many people I asked thought I imagined the whole thing. No way! Oh, in case you are wondering what this strange theme park is about, read here.

Anyway, finally brought the kids there. We went with Audrey’s family.


And no, the kids were not spooked at all. Hubby’s worries were unfounded.


Ugly mascots of the Tiger Balm brand.



Into HELL we went.


“I hereby convict you of eating ice-cream and nuggets on a non-cheat day!”



There were lots of gruesome punishments for all kinds of misdeeds. Dishonesty, gluttony (guilty.) not being filial, dodging taxes, disloyalty etc.


Of course, it’s not about hell at the park. There are many many dioramas and statues for you to admire. In all honesty, it’s quite impressive but the hot weather and mozzies were serious deterrents for us to enjoy the park fully.





Thankfully, the kids were quite interested in the stories of the dioramas. They would stop to read and take time to understand what’s happening. While I was getting extremely fed up by the hair sticking to my skin and mozzies attacking me.

Well, I hope STB would maintain the park better. First of all, get rid of the stagnant water! And provide more shade in the park. Till then, I don’t think we will visit it again.