Finally! I am finally letting my kids prepare a full meal for the family. For the very first time, we were served a meal cooked by Chef Barry himself!

Yes, all by himself. Of course I was there to guide him but every step was done by him, even the washing up. Well, I mopped and bought groceries if you want to be strict about it. In the near future, they will be doing that themselves too! Yay to less work for me! Haha.

It all started with a picture of a sandwich on the papers. Barry said he saw the picture and thought he could totally make that for the family. So he wrote a shopping list, handed it to me and said earnestly that he would make lunch for us. Why not?

chefbarry0 Oh, he wanted to make baked potato too but I decided it’s too much work for him for his first time.



He washed, he steamed, he fried, he assembled… TADAA!


He insisted on setting the table. I wanted him to understand what it takes to cook a meal for the family. It’s not easy at all. And it definitely entails washing up! Wash up before we could eat!


Of course, all of us waited. The chef took pains to prepare food for us, the least we could do is to wait for him to settle down before we eat together with him. That’s basic manners.He was so pleased with himself and could not wait to cook again.

Mandy’s turn. She made a different sandwich and also a dessert.

Learning how to use a weighing scale.

chef mandy2

Breading the fish fillet. She said it was really fun.

chef mandy5-2

chef mandy8

I had to let her use a sharp knife to cut the fish. No accidents, whew! She had a lot more to do. Besides preparing the fish, she had to fry the bacon slices, wash and cut the lettuce, and slice the buns. Assembly time!

chef mandy7

chef mandy9

Looks good! And tastes good too! And her dessert:

chef mandy93

It was more difficult than expected so I helped her a lot. Didn’t turn out very nice though.

Barry’s 2nd meal was baked pasta.


First time using a can opener.


Getting his hands deep in minced meat!


Honestly, he’s better than expected. He loved the process so much. He was willing to get dirty and sweaty with nary a complaint.


Woah! That was a really yummy meal! He himself ate a lot. Hmm, cutlery placed facing the wrong direction though. Haha.


Mandy’s turn again. She cooked fried rice and made mixed berries trifle!

Crushing digestive biscuits for the trifle.


She has decent knife skills!



To be honest, fried rice is very challenging for her. The preparation is simple but frying so much food and mixing them evenly requires you to be quite strong, especially when the quantity is for 4 pax!


Mandy is pretty strong for her age I think. She has a bit of biceps, mai siao siao. I had to help still though.

Assembling the trifle.


And here we have the delicious fried rice!


And the very pretty trifle!


You should have seen the pride they had on their face after they successfully prepared a meal. It’s something I’d wanted to let them try for a long time, but did not have the courage. Thanks to Barry’s little inspiration, now they are on a roll. We will continue to do this when we can.

Quick kids quick! Become better cooks and cook delicious food for us!