Tidying up my photo folders now. Found these pictures. I and the girl are avid birders. Well, I’m not sure we can still call ourselves that since we haven’t been birding for a while. But we will pick that up again. There are still so many birds we want to see and capture on my camera.

We went to Bukit Batok Park on National’s Day last year, hoping to catch the elusive National Bird – Crimson Sunbird. I had credible information that crimson sunbirds frequent this spot at the park. Even if we couldn’t spot the sunbird, at least I was certain we would see the White Crested Laughing Thrushes. They were EVERYWHERE, like the birders said. Not fearful of humans, and so noisy! At one point, we were surrounded by at least 12 of them, yakking non-stop. Quite an experience. Haha.



The girl loved the thrushes so much! We also spotted the Yellow Vented Bulbul, Straw-headed Bulbul and the Square-tailed Drongo. A pity there was no good shots of them. So, more thrushes!




We finally decided to settle at the spot where the crimson sunbirds were most commonly spotted. We sat down and munched on buns as we waited. Soon, we were joined by other birders. After a long long time, most of the birders gave up. We decided to take a last walk in the park before calling it a day.

As luck would have it, the Crimson Sunbird flew right past us and landed on the flowers at the side of the path. Oh my gawd! I couldn’t believe it! It stayed there for only a minute or two. I was very lucky to be able to capture one good shot.


I was ECSTATIC! That was a pretty decent shot! Isn’t it a beauty? Another angle:


Although we didn’t see any kingfishers or bee-eaters, we fulfilled what we set out to do! Once at home, I dedicated that precious shot of our national bird to Singapore, wishing her a happy birthday!

Many birders congratulated me at the FB group. A lot of them were out trying to get a shot of the Crimson Sunbird but failed. I did it! YOOHOO!

Ok, I really should go birding again soon! It’s good to be out and about once in a while. 🙂