Yoohoo! I’m back.

I have been obsessed with 我是歌手4 (I am a Singer 4, China version). I have so so much to say about it but I’ll leave them for a proper relevant post. Haha. Just, I’ve been hit with so much feels because of this show. It made me work very hard for my music. My singing in particular. So yeah, now my days are pretty filled with practices. Vocal practices, piano practices, workouts etc. I’m so happy! And that’s why I’ve neglected my blog. Hehe.

Anyway, this is from last Christmas. The gang came for some candy houses decorating again! 😛 This time, I didn’t bother making sugar cookie houses, just used crackers. Much easier.



I had my personal candy house this time! Yay! Pretty?


Trixie’s one is beautiful! Love the drippy snow and the tree!


Audrey did such nice landscaping too! Wah, we are all awesome hor? *looks at Calynn who declined my offer of a house for her to decorate*


Village head Gregory’s house! Impressive garden!


The whole village!


Till next Christmas!

*off to do vocal exercises and housechores*