It’s been a fun new year at the kitchen.

The childcare I’ve been working part-time at last year, doesn’t need my service this year, so I’m jobless again! Haha. Mixed feelings about this, but not going to overthink it. I’m determined to put my free time in the mornings to good use, one of which is to widen my cooking repertoire. These are some of the dishes I’ve done this year. Some for the first time.

2nd time I made this meatball pasta. Meatballs and pasta sauce are both homemade. It’s delicious! I’m not a big pasta fan but love this dish. However, the brand of canned whole tomatoes this time round gave a less impressive sauce than the first. The right ingredients is so important! Both recipes are from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything.

My first ever tart! Erm, not really if you count the (not very nice) fruit tarts I made with kids 3 years ago as part of the homelearning. But this is a real tart, not from a kids recipe book.

apple tart

It’s Simplest Apple Tart from Mark Bittman. Again. Haha. I think my oven is too hot. Most of the stuff I baked in there came out overbaked. So I must lower the temperature and cooking time for my bakes next time. And watch them more carefully while they’re in the oven. Regardless, the tart was pretty yummy. Kids rejected my opinion that it wasn’t a success. They said it was delicious! Haha. Love them.

They also love my Cereal Prawn. First attempt.

cereal prawn

This one is from The Meatmen. Yap, Meatmen for asian cuisine and Mark Bittman for angmo food. Perfect! Haha.

And this milo pop? Don’t need recipe lah! It was the first Friday of their school term. So I made them cool pops to… I don’t know, reward them for surviving the week? Haha. (Try to ignore the boy’s messy table in the background)

milo pop

Boy also cooked a meal for the whole family. A real meal. And he initiated it himself. Now, girl wants to cook for us too. She will be doing it this Sunday. Looks like it will be a regular thing. Boy has already passed me his second shopping list. Haha. My kids are so cool. :p

Will blog about their kitchen exploits soon.