Why did we sign up for another countdown event at AQH? (AQH as in 爱琴海 aka Musicdreamer Live Cafe. Yes, that one of the Crescendo fame.)

Every time we got involved in a countdown event, we would curse through the planning and rehearsals, and even cursed through the countdown itself. But amazingly, after we wrapped up the performance and sat down to eat and chat (more like bitch) at 1+am, there was always this sense of euphoria, this sense of accomplishment.

So, although we (as in me and hubby. We perform together) always tell ourselves no more countdown events, we still hesitate when the time comes. Haha. Here’s the whole crew. Singers, instrumentalists, waiters and waitresses and cooks and bosses. 🙂

I am being tagged on a gazillion photos in the album on Facebook.  I must say I am relieved I am looking better on photographs. I am the opposite of photogenic and tend to look horrendous in pictures. In recent months, I put in more effort into my appearance. Most notably, I achieved my goal of obtaining abs! A feat I thought impossible. So proud of myself ok? Even though the abs didn’t last too long. HAHAHA.

Here are the pictures I like.







See the very cool necklace? It’s a gift from Calynn. I love it! I planned my outfit and song around this necklace ok? I sang Tanya Chua’s 别找我麻烦 and Joan Jett’s I Hate Myself for Loving You.




A photo after the event. Before we started out binging and bitching till 2+am! Haha. Oh, kids stayed over at my in law’s that night. First sleepover for them.



Oh man, I felt so liberated not having to worry about going home early for the kids and waking early the next day.

Happy 2016 everybody!