First of all, I am a die-hard TVXQ! fan. I keep a separate blog for my TVXQ! fangirling, which I’ve ignored for a long time. Haha.

I am not a JCW fan but a few of my mummy fans kind of like him because of the drama The Healer. I actually really liked him when I watched Empress Ki many months ago. Healer rekindled that feeling. So, I went down to Suntec City with Trixie, hoping to score some nice pictures of him. Basically, I like collecting pictures of beautiful people. And JCW is beautiful. 🙂

There was an unexpected huge crowd. OMG. I ended up stationing myself at the 2nd level. Then, snapped as many pictures as I could while taking the down-riding escalator. Still, it was too far and my hands were shakey that day from too much dodge-ball 2 days back. Bummer. Here are my best shots.




Ok, he’s got a gorgeous face but what’s with the sloppy dressing? At least wear something fitting, something more presentable. Please sack the stylist.

Look at the crowd in front of me. I had to tiptoe ok? Mine is a big heavy camera, not some handphone that I can hold high up in the air with my hands.


Earnest Ji Chang Wook. Love the way he looks at people while listening to them.




He generally laughs a lot, which is cute.

Oh well, I need more practice with the camera, that’s for certain. I really enjoy taking pictures of Korean celebrities. But only of those I like. It is back-breaking work to stand and wait at your spot, typically for more than an hour. Holding on to that lens nearly broke my arms. But I had good training from my TVXQ fangirling and birding trips. Ha.

So, which beautiful star is coming next? :p