We love SBWR (Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve)! It’s the time of the year when migratory birds land in flocks on the shores of SBWR again. Ironically, we tried out the new-ish coastal trail this morning, which is at the opposite end of where the migratory birds are. Haha.

No regrets though. The coastal boardwalk was beautifully done up! And there are many small trails and bridges and structures that made the whole walk very interesting and fun!

SBWR is very close to Malaysia. Hello there neighbours!


Just as I was despairing over the lack of kingfishers (I did see three, but none of them got captured on the camera), hubby exclaimed there was a crocodile in the water.


Oh my gawd. I had wanted to see a wild crocodile for so long. YAY!



If you look closely at the above picture, you will see a bird perched right in front of the reptile. We think it’s a plover. The crocodile was motionless for a long time, waiting for its prey to get close. We too, stood in the sun and watched with bated breath. Barry even said I should film this down and send it to Planet Earth. Now we get a tiny taste of the hard work nature photographers/filmographers have to put into their job.

Not every wait turns out successful. Bird never got close enough. Crocodile gave up. Bird started taunting it (haha, naughty!) and we left too.


Not long after, we saw our second crocodile.


Two crocodiles in such a short time got the kids pretty spooked. They were worried a third one would show up on the footpath. Not like it didn’t happen in SBWR before. Ha.



Helicopters flew past us frequently. We spent quite a bit of time at Eagle Point. Loved it there! Saw lots of egrets…


A bittern…


A juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle circled over us many times.


We also narrowly missed on a chance to capture a White Throated Kingfisher on the camera. 😦

After Eagle Point, we took the forest trail, then the very bouncy  mid-canopy walk that got all of us squealing with joy, before we finally took a break the Mangrove Kitchen at the Visitor’s Centre.

Boy discovered an Oriental Whip Snake at the mudskipper sculptures.





Isn’t it a beauty? I was so enthralled by it’s elegance. And that bright neon green! It is only slightly venomous and of no threat to humans.

Hubby captured the Long-tailed Shrike!


Like finally! Thank you hubby! There is a Long-tailed Shrike that frequents the trees around the kids’ school. I see it almost every morning after sending them to school. Now, I have one on camera. Yay!

Some low quality pictures taken with my phone. This is one of the many pods found along the walk. Futuristic right?


From the inside:


At Eagle Point.




I highly recommend SBWR for nature lovers or for those who enjoy tranquility and want to get away from the hustle bustle of the city. If you’re not too keen to trudge on dirt track, this coastal walk is for you. It’s basically boardwalk all the way. Just don’t go on the forest trail, which is actually very short anyway. The older part of SBWR is great too, with many more birds. Mandy wanted to go there but we were all too tired after 2 hours of walking.

I bet all kids will love this coastal walk. It’s easy, it has lots to see, and there are play structures at the visitor centre which gave my kids lots of thrill. There’s even a little cafe and a beautiful waterlily pond there, plus lots of open spaces. What’s more, the bus service 925 stops at the bus stop right opposite the visitor centre and it passes through Kranji Mrt Station, Marsiling Mrt Station and terminates at Woodlands Interchange. So convenient!

Barry started the trip whining but ended up saying the whole trip felt like an adventure and he wanted to go again! And go again we will! 🙂