If you’re a mum, you’ll know how time spent with your adult friends sans kids and hubbies is so hard to come by. You will relish it. I’m glad I have mummy friends who are willing to make time for these ladies-only dates.

We celebrated Trixie’s birthday at 10 Scotts hi-tea buffet. Before that, Audrey, Calynn and I met up to buy gifts. After the hi-tea, Trixie went for a second round of celebration with her hubby while the three of us went to Paragon for a make-over! No make-over pictures, sorry. :p
scotts 10a

scotts 10b

The hi-tea was pricey but food was delicious! I loved every dish! Except the burnt-caramel ice-cream.

hi tea

scotts 10c

scotts 10d

scotts 10e

scotts 10f

scotts 10g

scotts 10h

Some time back in September, the ladies came to my place to chill. I think Audrey wanted to watch the TVXQ concert DVDs on my bigger-than-hers TV. And the other 2 were game too, even though they weren’t fans. But hey, they totally loved the concerts too!

Calynn very generously ordered a super pretty ombre cake for the occasion.





I roasted 2 chickens. Sadly, they didn’t turn out very nice although the ladies said they liked them. I shouldn’t have made any changes to the roasting pan.


Oh well, food was secondary. We had gorgeous Yunho and Changmin to accompany us for hours. And I mean hours. We watched and re-watched and re-watched certain songs. Haha.


Hubby was very nice to bring the kids out for an extended period so we girls could spazz and chat in peace. Gam sia ah lao!