November 2015

Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume! Are you playing it too? I discovered it through a friend’s FB ‘like’, and got hooked. Don’t ask me what’s so fun about this game, which is not quite like a game. I don’t know! I am just as perplexed as any other non-fan regarding the game’s appeal.

Let’s just say Neko Atsume lets me and the kids bond. Haha. They love it too. So, after exams, we took one free afternoon and the next morning to complete some Neko Atsume fanart. It was so fun! This is mine:




She’s not very confident at drawing and always mull over what to draw and how to draw. I was really proud of what she came up with. Most importantly, she enjoyed herself. I like her Tubbs (the fat greedy one), the one in the pail, and the one with the brown paper bag. Chairman Meow (2nd pic) is nice too!



Haha. His drawings always make me laugh. He draws speedily without thinking much, adding a lot of his own touches. It’s awesome that he’s always so proud of his artwork. And he should be! Aren’t his cats adorable? And look at that stylised ‘Neko Atsume’. What a creative boy.

A few days back, I went to Kinokuniya and had a buying frenzy. I bought 5 of this Neko Atsume strapy things. Kept Joe Dimweogio for myself and gave the rest away.


I also bought 2 of the official character books. One for me, one for Audrey. They’re soooooo cute oh my gawd. Oh yes, Audrey is hooked on the game too. And recently, Trixie came on board. Haha.

Go check the game out if you haven’t! 🙂


Girls just wanna have fun!

If you’re a mum, you’ll know how time spent with your adult friends sans kids and hubbies is so hard to come by. You will relish it. I’m glad I have mummy friends who are willing to make time for these ladies-only dates.

We celebrated Trixie’s birthday at 10 Scotts hi-tea buffet. Before that, Audrey, Calynn and I met up to buy gifts. After the hi-tea, Trixie went for a second round of celebration with her hubby while the three of us went to Paragon for a make-over! No make-over pictures, sorry. :p
scotts 10a

scotts 10b

The hi-tea was pricey but food was delicious! I loved every dish! Except the burnt-caramel ice-cream.

hi tea

scotts 10c

scotts 10d

scotts 10e

scotts 10f

scotts 10g

scotts 10h

Some time back in September, the ladies came to my place to chill. I think Audrey wanted to watch the TVXQ concert DVDs on my bigger-than-hers TV. And the other 2 were game too, even though they weren’t fans. But hey, they totally loved the concerts too!

Calynn very generously ordered a super pretty ombre cake for the occasion.





I roasted 2 chickens. Sadly, they didn’t turn out very nice although the ladies said they liked them. I shouldn’t have made any changes to the roasting pan.


Oh well, food was secondary. We had gorgeous Yunho and Changmin to accompany us for hours. And I mean hours. We watched and re-watched and re-watched certain songs. Haha.


Hubby was very nice to bring the kids out for an extended period so we girls could spazz and chat in peace. Gam sia ah lao!

Birthday Souffle

We had 2 birthday celebrations with her 2 grandmas. Everybody had already overdosed on cakes. Since I was dying to use my new ramekins, I decided to make souffles on Mandy’s actual birthday.
It was dumb for me to assume I could sift images on the souffles. Toiled the night before to make stencils. First batch of souffles came out perfect! Straight sides and flat tops. But they sunk almost immediately once out of the oven. That is why I could only try my stencils on the dining table… 😦
2nd batch wasn’t as pretty.
And no, not a fan of eating sweetened air. Next thing out of my ramekins will be chocolate lava cakes!


That’s what Mark Bittman called this dish. And he wasn’t lying. I absolutely loved it! Check out the recipe here.

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